Massage and Cellulite

With many of us, both men and women,being affected by cellulite there are now hundreds of creams thats supposedly help with the brealing down of it. We at Chutima Therapy Brighton, believe regular massage of the affected area can help break down this tissue which combined with the correct diet and fitness regime can remove the ‘unwanted guest’. Please drop into our Brighton store for more information.

Cellulite massage

Many a time, persons undergoing cellulite massage are also advised to wear a special line of tights and panties that are made of a special wave mesh fabric. It also complements natural body movements thereby providing a beneficial exercise to the skin and adipose tissue. This stimulates microcirculation and allows drainage of fluids. Massage machines using rolling cylinders are available in the market to reduce cellulite. You may be asked to wear special stretch cotton covering before the cylindrical rollers are moved on your body. The result is a deep massaging treatment that does not tackle the underlying cause of cellulite but aims at providing cosmetic relief. Excessive massage on cellulite areas can lead to breakage of tiny capillaries.

Some spas and salons offer cellulite massage treatments that include body scrubs and pressure point massage. Essential oils and electrical pulses are also used to stimulate the cells. This type of cellulite massage is claimed to firm up and tone the skin and leave it smooth and silky. Anti cellulite massages attack dryness of the skin and clear out the toxic fatty deposits that cause the ‘orange peel’ look. Massage to cellulite prone areas such as knees and upper thighs is frequently resorted to. Herbal products using seaweed, horsetail and clematis and ivy are part of the massage therapy for fighting cellulite.
 There are various surgical excision and suction treatments that are addressed to remove cellulite. Body wraps are also part of the massage therapy to fight cellulite. Liposuction, mesotherapy and Endermologie are resorted to by some women in the battle against cellulite.

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