Massage Therapy eases pain for senior citizens

Chutima Therapy welcome mature and senior citizens to use massage and spa treatment facilities at their treatment rooms in Brighton, Sussex.

Treating chronic pain in the elder population is especially important because pain is prevalent in most seniors’ lives. Nearly 80 to 85% of people past the age of 65 will experience pain caused by a health problem.

(1) Of these elders, 25 to 50% will admit to having significant pain, and of those living in nursing homes, this percentage increases to 45 to 80%.

(2) The shared experience of chronic pain coupled with decreased social contact at this point in their lives makes massage therapy a particularly effective treatment approach for seniors. Massage therapy reduces the pain of chronic disease and minor injuries, decreases muscle spasms and stiffness, and increases mobility, while providing more physical and social interaction for elders.

(3) For residents with Alzheimer’s disease, these benefits also apply, as well as some additional observations. Because massage therapy can be used in two ways, either to relax or to stimulate, it elicits both calming and responsive effects. Massage can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with Alzheimer’s by inducing relaxation, but it can also stimulate the nervous system to maintain nerve passageways in decline because of the disease. Touch therapy through massage can offer great relief and even aid the drug therapy that elders with Alzheimer’s disease are often prescribed.

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