Lavender-Chamomile – Massage Oil


Size: 165ml

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Massage Oil, Sweet Dream, Lavender – Chamomile, 165 ml *new


–  This oil, with natural plant ingredients, helps balance your body energy and works well as a skin conditioner


–  Start with a generous drop of oils in the palms of your hands. And start rubbing the oil into your skin a clockwise direction. You may start where you like, but many experts recommend starting at solar plexus and working your way out. You can massage all into your arms and legs using up and down strokes

Enjoy the oils. Relax in a large towel and feel the oils soothe your tired skin. When you feel relaxed enough, take a warm shower and use a light soap. Try to leave some oil on the skin as the feeling of being soft and smooth will stay with you for a long time